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At IllumiNative, we are devastated by the violence, the taking of hostages, loss of life, and the suffering of innocent people as a result of the Israel-Hamas war. We have had numerous conversations internally and externally with our partners to determine how IllumiNative can best use our voice to have a positive impact on this international humanitarian crisis given our U.S.-focused mission.

IllumiNative is an organization dedicated to building power for Native peoples by amplifying contemporary Native voices, stories, and issues. We do this work to advance justice, equity, and self-determination for Native communities and Tribal Nations here in the U.S. Our work is rooted in the values of equity, justice, dignity, and love within our foundational belief that we are all related.

Based on these core values, we join and support the calls for:

  • A ceasefire
  • Safe return of the hostages
  • Humanitarian aid
  • Peace

We also want to take this moment to voice our firm stance against the alarming rise in Islamophobia, Anti-Semitism, hate speech, bullying, and harassment the current crisis in the Middle East has driven here at home. As we organize towards building a collective movement for justice, equity, and a multiracial democracy, where all communities can thrive and be safe, we pray that diverse communities can come together in good ways to listen respectfully to one another in support of nonviolent political solutions in the Middle East and for transformative change here in the U.S.

As we move forward in our work to build power and advance justice for Native communities in the U.S., we will also continue to encourage our team and our partners to follow their values and stand for the causes they believe in. The recent escalation in violence and loss of life has left many in our communities here in the U.S. frustrated, angry, and upset. We affirm our deep belief in unity and support of each other. We stand in solidarity and join the calls for a ceasefire, the safe return of the hostages, and the timely delivery of humanitarian aid to lay the foundations for long-lasting peace.