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to a journey of recognition and reconnection

From Lenapehoking (Manhattan) to Dgheyaytnu (Anchorage) and all points in between, when you walk on American soil, you’re in a place with a Native name, identity, and culture. Our billboards acknowledging these Indigenous names are about more than just illuminating past histories; they recognize the living, breathing communities that thrive there today. They’re an expression of Native Power – an ongoing celebration of Indigenous resilience, innovation, and presence that continues to shape our world. This Native American Heritage Month, we invite you to recognize the connection all lands have to an Indigenous presence, and to acknowledge the ways Native Power continues to be an essential part of our contemporary world and culture.
Learn more by downloading our LAND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT GUIDE, featuring tips on researching and crafting an acknowledgement, Indigenous land maps, and additional learning resources.

What is Native Power?

Native Power is a tradition of excellence that we recognize and celebrate every day. From contributions to arts & entertainment, sports, science, civics, and beyond, Native people continue to shape our world and enrich our everyday experiences. Help us amplify Native Power by sharing this video with your friends and followers, and by signing up for IllumiNative’s newsletter, where you’ll find more ways to uplift the voices and perspectives of Indigenous peoples.

Let’s share our Native Power!

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