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We’ve launched our Sovereignty Rapid Response campaign to fight assaults on Native nations, Native bodies, and Native futures. Stand with us and Native peoples across the country.
Collectively, all of us have an opportunity and obligation to not repeat the mistakes of the past and instead lean into supporting Native communities and resist the assault on all those who are marginalized. Together we can show the white supremacist right the power of the people united for justice and turn the light of hope and justice back on.

Photo: Josué Rivas


The latest assault campaign from the white supremacist right began on Friday, June 24th, with the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organizationruling that overturned Roe v. Wade and 50 years of precedent in an attempt to control birthing people’s reproduction.

The assault continued on Wednesday, June 29th with the Castro v Huerta ruling which dramatically reduced the ability of Tribal Nations to assert sovereignty over their land which is guaranteed under Article VI of the U.S. Constitution and supported in the previous McGirt SCOTUS decision.

These white supremacist-backed attacks by the Supreme Court are just getting started. They intend to undermine the Indian Child Welfare Act in the case of Haaland v. Brackeenand are already planning for the demise of contraception, queer marriage, and 2 Spirit LGBTQIA+ civil rights.

These types of attacks on Native peoples are nothing new. White supremacist colonial governments have always come for our women, children, and 2 Spirit LGBTQIA+ relatives first as an attempt to disrupt our nations and pave the way for violating their treaty obligations.

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